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24th September 2021

School to continue to run testing and operate as usual throughout the Autumn term 2021.

Please download our information pack and Risk Assessment for our up to date Covid-19 Policies. 

Dear Colours, Thank you for all you have done for my child over the last couple of years. I really cannot describe the difference you and all the staff at Colours have made to our lives. 

Dear all at Colours, thank you so much for all of the support you have offered to my child during their time at Colours!

Dear Colours, thanks for the opportunity to work at such a great school with such a fantastic team! I have loved my time at Colours and will miss you all! Thank you for your support and encouragement, all the best for the continued success of the school and children!

GCSE Results Day 2021
Congratulations to all pupils; an astonishing 91% pass rate from grades 9-4 (A**-C)


Term Dates

Thank you to everyone for the amazing work you have done, during such a challenging year! My child's confidence is growing and growing and they had a fabulous time on the school trip - lots of memories!

Thank you! To all the wonderful people involved in Colours! (Too many to name!) You are all incredible and have an amazing positive impact on these young people's lives!

Dear Staff at Colours, Thank you for making me feel so welcome; I have enjoyed spending time with this lovely school. 

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To all staff members at Colours, you guys have been the best teachers ever, so thank you! I cannot wait to see what year 8 brings!

Dear Staff, thank you so much for all your help and support with my child. You have all been there for them in a way they have never had before in school. They have grown in confidence and learnt more in the past year with yourselves, than they have in the past 8! I hope the school continues to thrive, it's an oasis in education. 

Throughout this past year and a half, I cannot put into words how much I appreciate the understanding we've had from your team. I'm so grateful that you've made it possible for me to do my GCSEs.

Colours at a glance!

We are a small independent school situated just outside Ivybridge. We are a multi-curriculum led  school aimed at senior children to provide unique versatile learning, from ages eleven to eighteen. This is a great opportunity to allow children to flourish in a comfortable learning environment, where their best interests are at heart. We intentionally keep our school small so that every student receives one to one help and guidance throughout their studies, with guidance from our specialist teachers who encourage all pupils to thrive in our wide curriculum of opportunities.

Everyone is welcome at Colours Academy, we are a non-selective school and find potential and versatility in every child's learning style. GCSE timetables are tailored to the subject choices of the students. Learning is non-pressured and focused directly on encouraging curiosity, confidence, creativity and positive drive towards aspirations.

A Message from our Leadership Team

“Colours Academy aims to provide unique, alternative education for children aged 11-18, learning in a comfortable, nurturing environment where teaching is set at an excellent standard. We provide a framework of flexible and engaging creative and practical based learning, in which we can break boundaries and meet every child’s additional learning needs. We hope to make every individual child the centre point of our school to positively alter their perspective of learning and build a holistic setting where they shall thrive.”


Victoria Poole-Birrell (Headteacher)

"Working at Colours is an indescribable, entirely fulfilling and rewarding experience. We aim for children to reach their best academic potential, overcome educational boundaries, and achieve the key steps to their future. Learning is at its very best when delivered in a holistic, nurturing environment, where the needs of every pupil is met with a fresh perspective, caring support and preparation for their school life and the wider world."


Henri Poole-Birrell (Deputy Headteacher) 


Click below to download GCSE external candidate application. Please get in contact with a member or our team to confirm what GCSEs you are taking and the board you have been studying with before completing this form. Places are limited, please get in touch with us if you are interested.