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2nd September, 2019

(First Day of Autumn Term)

6th January, 2020

(First day back of Spring Term)

14th April, 2020

(First day of Summer Term)

18th October, 2019

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28th October, 2019

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14th February, 2020

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24th February, 2020

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22nd May, 2020

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1st June, 2020

(Return after half term)

20th December, 2019

(Break up for Christmas)

27th March, 2020

(Break up for Easter)

24th July, 2020

(Break up for Summer)

Please note that the 4th of May, 2020 is a bank holiday.


We are a small independent school situated just outside Ivybridge. We are a multi-curriculum led  school aimed at both junior and senior children to provide flexible, versatile learning, from ages seven to eighteen. This is a great opportunity to allow children to flourish in a comfortable learning environment that can flexibly work around how they would like to learn. We also offer BTEC Art and Design. The BTEC Level 3 course in Art and Design not only means that students get to try out many different art disciplines but prepares them for future study in higher education and career. We intentionally keep our academy small so that every student receives one to one help and guidance throughout their studies and students are given independent working studio space, which will be theirs throughout their study time at Colours Academy. Alongside this, our students gain specialist help and advice from experts in the art trade including experienced practitioners.

Everyone is welcome at Colours Academy, we are a non-selective independent school and find potential and versatility in every child's learning style. GCSE timetables are tailored to the subject choices of the students.

A Massive Congratulations to our GCSE candidates this year- all passing with fantastic outcomes, achieving a pass rate of 77% of grades being A*-C/ 9-1! (2019)


The academic program at Colours Academy places an emphasis on every aspect of our student’s growth and development. We take advantage of the natural curiosity students possess by having our teachers present new information in creative ways and teach through exploratory experiences.


Our curriculum includes great subjects and with small class sizes, exceptional qualified teachers, Colours Academy offers an intimate and inclusive educational environment, while also ensuring each student receives the individualised attention and support they need.

Please also note that Friday 13th of December is a Non-Pupil Day.


-August 18th 2020-

The school is due for a full reopening on Monday the 7th of September. For further information or guidance please contact us. Risk assessment information will be available soon.

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“Colours Academy Aims to provide unique, alternative education, held in a comfortable, nurturing environment where teaching is set at an excellent standard to encourage and encapsulate the toolkit for further education and life. We provide a framework of flexible and engaging creative and practical based learning, in which we can break boundaries and set sail in meeting every child’s additional learning needs. We hope to make every individual child the centre point of our school, as well as their interests and aspirations, to positively alter their perspective of learning and build a holistic setting where they shall thrive”


-Victoria Poole-Birrell (Headteacher)


Click below to download GCSE external candidate application. Please get in contact with a member or our team to confirm what GCSEs you are taking and the board you have been studying with before completing this form.




From September 2020 we will have 4 separate timetables. One for Year 7, Year 8, Year 9 and a joint Year 10 and 11 class. Each Year will be allocated a form tutor and room. Download the timetable to find out more. 

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