Our ethos, broken down into 11 elements which make our school...


Unique education that enables pupils to be involved in a wide range of educational opportunities in a school community which is free from stressful pressure and oversized classrooms...

Colours Academy are on a mission to positively change the lives of learners in how they view education and learning. We aim to:-


  • Offer Unique Education that cannot be sourced anywhere else and enables pupils to be involved in a wide range of educational opportunities amongst a school community that does not involve stressful atmosphere and learning pressure and large overwhelming classrooms


  • Be at the forefront at Supporting Each Individual Child’s Learning Needs in which pupils can freely and flexibly structure their timetable based on their personal interests and can learn with continuous focused, support in our small classes where our staff are committed to assisting each child to succeed


  • A Thriving School Community where behaviour can be easily controlled and refined and where we endorse ‘talking and counselling’ to further support pupils. Our community thrives on celebration, togetherness and a spiritual ethic of teamwork and support, we allow pupils to express themselves in an environment where they feel comfortable doing so


  • Employ Inspirational Teachers that are hardworking in meeting pupil’s needs and determined to meet their goals. Teaching with an adaptable style that focuses pupils in a creative and practical environment that further encourages learners to be curious, inquisitive and fully engaged in their learning


  • Enable Flexibility in our curriculum in which we can teach home-educated learners alongside our full time pupils, to further structure learning for those who can only attend on a part time basis. We provide a setting for external candidates to sit their examinations, where they are rarely able to take elsewhere


  • Offer A Wide Range of Options with a Free choice, meaning that pupils can simply pick and choose what subjects they would like to attend on our structured timetable that is designed so that there are limited subject clashes, as well as offering core subjects as standard


  • Create a Relaxing Learning Environment where we adapt our teaching to suit the needs of the learners and intertwine interesting, hands on learning activities, tasks and focuses that aim to engage pupils with topics in the best possible ways


  • Structure Small Classes that have a limit of 12, and therefore we can attain learning focus throughout each individual child where we can have a consistent approach to their progress and how we assess pupils. We aim to build harmony and a passion for learning in the classroom.


  • Consistently re-invent Fun in the classroom; after all this is the best way of learning. Our classrooms contain healthy educational spirit and learning energy that is consistent and never leaves our school.


  • Offer education that is more Affordable to parents. Our tuition rate is £7.50 an hour, which is 75% more affordable than the average hourly tuition rate in the UK. 

A PDF Copy of our School Ethos can be downloaded below.