Art Subjects

Art and Design (Available for KS3 and 4)

At Colours Academy we value our creative surroundings including the resident artist work hub, The Clay Factory and a curriculum that has heavy practical focus to inspire and motivate the creativity of young artists.

In KS3, pupils will focus on the following topics;

  • Colour Theory

  • Developing Drawing Skills

  • Artistic investigation into 'Nature'

  • Using Patterns and Lines in Art

  • 20th Century Art Movements history project

  • Developing painting skills

  • Observing and expressing the human form and figure through Fine Art

  • Exploring and experimenting with mediums

  • Developing Photography skills

  • Exploring the theme of 'Urbanism' through Art

  • Pupils responding to a set theme

In KS4, pupils will cover the following areas;

  • Researching and contextually investigating artists and designers in response to a theme

  • Practically exploring the work of artists, other inspirations and sources and refining skills in order to create impactful, meaning creative outcomes

  • Developing understanding of annotating work and highlighting what elements can be improved and further developed in relation to the title of the investigation

  • Expressing the title and journey of the work through the presentation of a final piece that is both very creatively meaningful and contextual to the refined materials, techniques and processes of the overall work

BTEC Art and Design (Level 3- KS5 only)

The level 3 Extended Diploma in BTEC Art and Design promotes ample of opportunities for individuals with a creative nature, interest and talent aged over 16, to diverse themselves in a wide world of art and design. The course is extremely versatile and covers many areas including textiles, fine art, photography, sculpture, design, conceptual art for games, printmaking, drwaing, illustration, exhibiting/curating an exhbition, painting... the list goes on. To find out more about this course, please contact Victoria, the course leader, at

Photography (Available for KS3 and 4)

Photography is always curious and fun at Colours Academy; combining small exciting projects with explorative outcome... In KS3 pupils explore camera skills including adjusting aperture and depth of field, using light in a number of experimental and intriguing ways, investigating camera angles, compositions and different types of photography. In KS4, pupils explore a variation of photographers in reflection to a set theme. Pupils explore different creative techniques whilst fully engaging their ideas and artistic intentions alongside the production of photography sketchbook.

Conceptual Arts (Available for KS3 only)

Gaming arts encourages creativity through the art of interactivity and gaming. We explore what the best elements of designing games are, alongside a selection of genres to inspire productivity and design work in the classroom. Pupils will explore;

  • The design and simulating of action and adventure games

  • Designing and creatively structuring effective role playing games

  • Recreating and using sources to design simulation games

  • Learning about and creating strategy based games

  • Understanding elements and exploring the creation of sport games

  • Designing puzzle games and testing and refining their effectiveness in class

  • Learning about and delving deep into a world of experimental gaming to inspire and provide stimuli for own design work