Attendance Information

Good attendance and punctuality is crucial to every child's education at Colours Academy. Children missing education could result in falling behind or missing a particular sequence of learning.

Who does this information apply to?

This information applies to all full time pupils attending Colours Academy and all Flexi (Part Time) pupils; however their is more flexibility with the part time learners.


Colours Academy open between 8:00am and 8:15pm; this allows plenty of time for pupils to arrive at school ready for lessons starting after 8:30am. This applies at any specific time of the day when the pupil is due to come in for a lesson part way through the day. Late marks are placed next to the child's name in the attendance register.

Consistent late marks after the close of the register at 9:00am or half an hour after the register are considered code U (Late after close of register) and are reported to the local authority. (This procedure only applies to full time pupils)


Please notify the school before the close of the register with information about your son/daughter's absence. 

We ask that parents fill in and return an Absence Request Form to notify the school of future absences. These requirements are only to make ourselves aware of when a child is going to be absent. Full time pupil parents requesting a period of absences (for example a holiday) are advised by the headteacher and Educational welfare officer if they feel it could be a disadvantage to their learning (specifically when the pupil's attendance is below 95%. 

A series of unauthorised absences in which the school are unaware of the pupil's absence; is reported to the local authority. Or in any cases where a child is missing education. (This applies to full time pupils only) More information can be detailed by contacting our educational welfare officer.