Online learning @ Colours Academy for Home Educators 


This is a new venture for Colours Academy! Following the success of our Zoom lessons during lockdown for pupils that attend Colours Academy, we wanted to look at offering individual subject lessons for home educated children age 11-16. We started delivering KS4 Photography GCSE in September and now have a regular group that meet once a week online, delivered by our Headteacher Victoria Poole-Birrell. New classes will be coming online from January 2021 for KS3 and potentially more in the future. They will be taught by qualified, experienced teachers who currently teach at Colours Academy and aim to make online learning fun and engaging. 

Sessions currently timetabled:



KS3 Maths 1.00 -2.00 

KS3 Biology 2.30-3.30


KS4 Photography 10-30-11.30 

If there is a group of five or more of you looking for a specific subject too, feel free to contact us to discuss and see if we could support you with this at some point in the future too? Spaces are limited and groups will have a maximum of 8 in each session.

We offer a competitive rate of £10 an hour per pupil and this provision includes being part of a weekly hourly Zoom class in term time. (additional work maybe be expected to be done by the student at home in between sessions too)​. Please contact us to find out more at