Core Subjects

English Language and Literature (Combined in KS3 and separate in KS4)

English at Colours Academy combined lots of 1:1 focus in class as well as group work projects to engage pupils in reading, writing and spoken language.  In KS3, the following areas are studied;

  • Poetry- both unseen poems and learning how to write poetry using appropriate conventions

  • Creative and descriptive writing- including story writing, building narrative and structuring language

  • Transactional Writing Techniques- Including writing letters, speeches and arguments, writing to persuade and review

  • Exploration of modern prose/play, 19th Century Novella and a Shakespearean play

  • SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) building of skills when writing and reading

In KS4, we focus on the following areas:-


  • Fiction and creative writing; structuring sensory description, using appropriate language terminology and conventions to write effective and imaginative pieces of writing.

  • Transactional writing; writing speeches, structured arguments, writing the contents of magazine, newspaper, leaflets, writing to persuade and writing letters

  • Analysing both fictional and transactional pieces of writing


  • Studying a Modern Prose/ play- we study An Inspector Calls

  • Studying a piece of 19th Century Literature- we study A Christmas Carol

  • Studying a piece of Shakespeare- we study Macbeth

  • Studying a selection of poetry based around a theme, analysing poetry and comparing language, meaning and structural features between other poems. Pupils will also learn how to analyse unseen poetry.

Spoken Language:

Planning, writing and preparing a presentation on a chosen topic of interest to the pupil.

Mathematics (Available for both KS3 and 4)

At Colours Academy we appreciate that everyone learns differently. Children understand and process maths in different ways and we use an holistic, creative approach to managing abstract and complex mathematical processes and problems. We offer focused 1:1  support in lessons, where  we can hold a consistent gage on pupil's ability and progress. The following areas are taught in our KS3 and 4 curriculum, with space and flexibility to alter learning focus depending on ability and level;

  • Number

  • Algebra

  • Geometry and Measure 

  • Statistics

  • Ratio, Proportion and Rates of Change

  • Probability