What does the curriculum at Colours Academy look like?

Colours Academy offers a wide, engaging and inspiring curriculum that aims to encourage ambition, creativity, employability skills and pure enjoyment for learning and progressing forwards.

We are very flexible in our educational approach, pupils can come for a minimum of 3 school days with the open choice of subjects that interest them as well as feeling comfortable in an environment that enables pupils to be themselves and jump over obstacles and learning challenges with a positive, non pressured mindset. We additionally offer an integration package.

Pupils truly feel that they can be at one with themselves at Colours Academy, and learn in an environment that is relaxing, fresh and has a positive learning atmosphere, especially for those who have struggled greatly in previous education which has triggered a difficult learning experience, sometimes causing stress, anxiety and social challenges; all of which we aim to push positively onwards at Colours Academy. Our nurturing and friendly setting is at the centre point of Colours ethos and what our community thrives upon.

For a further, more in depth insight about individual subjects we offer, visit the pages that appear when hovering over 'Curriculum info'. Click below to find out more about our fees structure.



Want to study art more than anything else? The BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art and Design offers a huge range of disciplines to students and allows them to find the correct pathway for them as young artists and designers. The course consists of seven mandatory units, which cover a broad range of practices from fine art to 3D design, illustration to graphic design, textiles to printmaking...and six optional units, which can be chosen by students to tailor the course to explore and follow the path that is right for them.  The course a is studied over two years and as a whole is equivalent to three A-levels, which carries UCAS points towards  further education.


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