Flowers Club for Home Educated Children aged 7-11 years.


We offer a nurturing environment that is flexible and adaptable to individual needs.  Our ethos values individual, bespoke learning in small classes no bigger than 10. Our curriculum is exciting, inquisitive and challenging; alongside building an enjoyment of learning within students. We also pride ourselves in pastoral care, developing social skills and positive self esteem as part of our approach to teaching and learning.

We follow a project based learning approach. All days aim to:

  • Develop children's knowledge of culture, art and core subject skills through a range of topics that are planned to evolve around pupil's curiosity and engagement

  • Encourage pupils to learn and flourish in being creative in response to their learning and the wide range of skills they have developed

  • Reflect on their learning in order to leave with intrigue and the feeling of achievement and success

Tuesdays - Project Based Learning activities focussing on Maths, Literacy and Science (Children aged 9-11)

Wednesdays - Project based learning focusing on art history. This incorporates a wide variety of other subjects. Those turning 11 can work towards achieving their Bronze Arts Award. (Children aged 9-11)

Our Club runs on a Tuesday, Wednesdays and Fridays (currently) from 8:45 am - 3:15 pm and is led by one of our two KS2 teachers, who are experienced in teaching this age group. The day costs £35.00 during term time. If you are interested, we recommend getting in contact with our Flowers Club Co-ordinator at or calling us on 01752 893526 / 07890 269 682