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Careers (Available for KS4 only)

Careers at Colours Academy is fully diverse with opportunity for building employability skills in the following key areas;


  • Writing CV's 

  • Role playing interviews and question based scenarios

  • Deciding what career path to take and understanding what opportunities await

  • Understanding the different educational routes which can be taken to an area of employability

  • We sometimes utilise our local work hub and surrounding businesses as opportunities for pupils to participate in work-based areas that further engage them in such career pathways 

Business Studies (Available for KS4 only)

Business studies is fully immersive at Colours Academy, we often use our resident business hub as an excellent foundation for discovery and business context. Learning includes;

  • Understanding the key elements of business

  • Researching and investigating small and larger scales business's and what makes them successful

  • Using learnt skills surrounding business to form further contextual and practical knowledge

Religious Education (Available for KS3 Only)

RE is an insightful and cultural foundation of learning that helps pupil understand a wider world of beliefs and faiths. We learn about the following areas;

  • Buddhism

  • Christianity

  • Hinduism

  • Judaism

  • Sikhism 

  • Islam