Performing Arts

Drama (Available for KS3 and 4)

Drama at Colours Academy encompasses a creative scheme of work that inspires pupils to be practical and be inspired by a world of acting and theatre. We incorporate theatre visits and regularly perform in school productions and showcase evenings. In KS3, pupils cover;

  • Exploration of theatre genres and styles

  • Devising drama and developing theatre ideas

  • Exploring a set text through practical, creative development

  • Development of acting skills, including use of voice, body and language  

In KS4 Pupils will cover the following areas:-

  • Devising a piece of theatre from a set stimulus and developing skills accordingly

  • Studying a set text and learning, and performing two key extracts

  • Studying a second set text in order to respond to paper question as either a designer or director

  • Reviewing and evaluating theatre through a live theatre visit 

Music (Available for KS3 and 4)

Music at Colours Academy aims to enable a diverse curriculum of musical cultural learning in which pupils can express their best interests through building of techniques and skills. Pupils will have the opportunity the explore various musical instruments including key techniques and fundamental skills when rehearsing, playing and writing pieces of music. In KS4, pupils will take more responsibility and leadership into their work and focus their learning on developing and showcasing their learning and refined skills.

Dance- (BTEC Level 2) (Available for KS3 and 4)

At Colours Academy we follow the BTEC Level 2 for Dance. We have a spacious and self contained dance studio in which enables pupils to fully engage to the creative practicalities of the learning. The BTEC in Dance focuses pupils learning in the following areas;

  • Exploring genres, styles and techniques in Dance

  • Refining dance skills and making creative choices

  • Presenting skills and developing a practised, refined piece of work