Technology Subjects

Design Technology (Available for KS3 Only)

Design technology at Colours Academy aims to encourage children to creatively be involved in design and technology based learning with opportunity to participate in practical work also. Pupils will cover the following learning areas:

  • Design- understanding user needs through research and other contextual scenarios

  • Identifying and solving unique design problems

  • Illustrating creative design and approach to projects

  • Modelling and presenting of ideas through a series of formats

  • Manufacturing design through the understanding of different machinery and simulation

  • Materials, components and their beneficial properties 

  • Investigating work of professionals and emerging technologies

  • Testing and evaluating ideas and understanding how technology has an impact on communities and the environment

Food Technology (Available for KS3 and 4)

The food technology that we offer at Colours Academy is the BTEC Level 2 in Food Cooking and Preparation. Sessions are always practical and fully engaged. The learning areas for both Key Stages are as follows;

  • Food hygiene and safety in the kitchen

  • Effective teamwork in the kitchen

  • Food Safety in Catering

  • Principles of cooking dishes including meats, bread, cakes, hot sauces, pasta, pastry, rice dishes and using vegetables in cooking

  • Managing a kitchen; skills and problem solving

  • Types of kitchen and catering business and set up- including operations and procedures

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