Colours Academy, Lower Unit 2, Redlake Trading Estate, Ivybridge, United Kingdom PL21 0EZ

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Wellbeing Subjects

PSHE (Physical, Social, Health, Economic Education) (Available for KS3 and 4)

PSHE emphasises life skills, understanding growing up, keeping yourself and others safe and reaching out to opportunities beyond the world of school and education. In year 7 Pupils will learn;

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Right and Responsibilities of the Wider World

  • Physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

  • Changes in Relationship

  • Financial capability of the wider world

  • Changes and and transitions of health and wellbeing

In year 8 pupils will learn;

  • Relationships

  • The media and it's influential effects

  • Roles and Responsibilities of the wider world

  • Negative Relationships

  • Recognising risks

  • The world of work

In year 9 pupils will learn;

  • Personal mental wellbeing and positive mindset

  • Personal physical wellbeing

  • Puberty

  • Managing Relationships

  • Stereotypes

  • Prejudice

In year 10 pupils will learn;

  • Discrimination

  • Equality

  • Standing up to what you believe in

  • Sustainable societies and communities

  • Business and Enterprise

  • The Economic world

  •  Money and Personal finance

  • Drugs and alcohol

  • Citizenship

In year 11 pupils will learn;

  • Parliament

  • British Values in life

  • Law and order

  • Democratic Processes

  • Government

  • Further education opportunities

  • Careers

  • Employability

  • Sexual relationships and health

Herbology (Available for KS3 Only)

Herbology is exciting and interesting and completely unique to Colours Academy. Classes practically explore and study the following areas;

  • Making candles, soaps, lip balms and other plant based cosmetics with background theory of Herbology

  • Making tinctures, fragrances and scents

  • Learning about the medical urgency and importance for plant based products in society

  • Understanding the processes of creating and  learning about skin care products

  • Understanding herbology through history and how it has impacted society

  • Understanding the properties of herbs around us, their benefits and using them in context to their qualities 

Physical Education (Available for KS3 and 4)

Physical education is fabulous at Colours Academy; we are well equipped with our fully functional Gym space and local resources such as the moors and leisure facilities nearby which we often fully utilise. Pupils will cover the following areas;

  • Various team sports, skills, use of teamwork and strategy

  • Unique PE learning areas including yoga, dance and gymnastics

  • Walking and running on the moors and in and around the beautiful and scenic local area

  • Understanding the importance of physical education and exercise, including learning knowledge of the body and muscle groups

  • Use of the gym; which is fully equipped with rowing and cycling machines with other exercise equipment - including tire flipping!

  • Physical activity games and drills